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At Fidlar Technologies, we recognize that changing software programs can be an unsettling experience for some users. Because of this, we offer a very comprehensive training program. The project manager for each new county office will work closely with the county staff to develop a workable training schedule. The schedule is determined by a number of factors:

  • How proficient each of the staff is in the use of computers
  • How many staff members need to be trained
  • Will each of the staff be using all of the modules of the software or will some only need to be trained on a few of the modules?


Typically, some remote training will occur before the first visit to an office. This training usually involves the administrative-type modules. The amount of training that occurs remotely and on-site is a decision based on conversations between the county officials and the project manager.

The training schedule will typically be comprised of sessions that are 1 1/2 to 2 hours each and include 3-4 students. Depending on the number of staff that need to learn each module of the software, each student can expect to be in three to six sessions in the course of three or four days.

The goal of the training is to demonstrate the function of each relevant module to the staff members and give each of them a chance to perform these functions. In fact, each staff member will be asked to "drive" (sit at the keyboard) during some part of the training. Using the Workflow Analysis that was prepared in advance of the training, the trainer will cater the training concepts to fit the unique needs of each office and staff personnel.

As noted above, following the initial training trip, the staff will be encouraged to practice and call their trainer(s) with any questions. Additional training is provided remotely before the live trip. On the live date, the Fidlar team will be available the entire day and much of the day after live to assist the staff and public searchers.

After the county has gone live, our support team is available for any training related questions. There are times that months go by between certain indexing/correction/ reporting scenarios. We encourage the staff to contact our support team for guidance. In addition, we continue to provide enhancements to our products. When these enhancements are released, we want the county to be able to take full advantage of them, so we arrange with the county for the necessary training. Typically, this type of training is done remotely.

It is very important to us to make sure the public is comfortable using the public search program (Laredo). During the live trip at a county site, we hold public training sessions to educate the county searchers on how to maximize their efforts using the new system.


Each county staff member is provided with a training manual to utilize during and after the training sessions. Additionally, the manual is available within iDocument XF as a PDF document.

Manuals are also made available for the public searchers within a county office. For remote searchers, online tutorials are available from our website.