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Project Management

In working closely with counties over the past years, the priority has become very clear: to provide reassurance to the county that the implementation process will go smoothly and methodically while taking the county to their new environment in a timely manner. At Fidlar Technologies, our methodology behind implementing a new system supports a smooth transition process. The county will enter the implementation phase with a complete understanding of what is to come, which provides a greater sense of confidence.

Our strategy ensures clear communication in Project Management, a thorough understanding of the county details within the Workflow Analysis, and a system that is ready at production with a quality Installation and Configuration. Our customers will receive an accurate Conversion by an experienced Conversion Specialist, and Training that is designed to complement the knowledge and learning styles of the staff.

Project Management begins upon contract signing. A production team will be assembled, led by a Project Manager (PM). The PM is responsible for coordinating all of the efforts within Fidlar Technologies and within the county that coincide with the transition process. Additionally, it is the PM's key concern to make sure everyone involved is aware of what is happening at all times, keeping the lines of communication open.

The first step for the PM is to contact the county to outline the schedule. The schedule begins with a kickoff meeting to answer questions, both technical and user-oriented, and to set project goals and expectations. Once the installation process begins, the PM is responsible for monitoring the progress, keeping all parties informed, and keeping the project focused on the agreed upon timeframes. A Gantt chart is utilized to track the progress of the schedule.

Once the live date has occurred, the project manager will work with the county official to create a punch list of outstanding contract items that need to be fulfilled and will ensure that these items are accomplished in a timely manner. The end result is an installation that comes to fruition, meeting all of the project goals within the set timeframes.