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A History Of Innovation

Established in 1854, the same year the first bridge was constructed spanning the Mississippi into Iowa, Fidlar Technologies has a long history of innovation and partnership with local government.

For decades and before the digital and computer age changed everything, we provided books, paper and other physical materials required by local government offices to fulfill their responsibilities.

In the 1970's we entered the new industry of punch voting technology for elections and in the 1980's we purchased a software development company, giving us the opportunity to be one of the first companies to write software for county government.

It was the year 2007, however, that everything came into focus. We sold our election and printing sections of the business to direct all of our attention towards our land records and software vitals partners. This change in direction allowed us to become more involved and educated on each of our partners' offices, giving us the opportunity to provide products, services and support that was leagues ahead of the competition in the industry.

The first evidence that we had made the right decision was seen in the release of our 5th generation land records management software, AVID, released in 2008. AVID looked where the industry was heading with the implementation of eRecording, higher integrity in the document index, greater services to county customers and constituents, and after 10 years and 140 counties now running the software, AVID remains ahead–of–the–curve.

In 2016, we released our biggest update to AVID with our iNSPECT assisted indexing technology. iNSPECT is technology completely built in–house by our team of experienced developers and utilizes OCR and AI tuned specifically for land records documents. Shortly after it's release, we quickly were hearing feedback from customers who were noticing a reduction in errors in their indexing and seeing 70% and higher accuracy across all document types and index fields.

In 2019, we released our ground–breaking new vitals software, APEX. Used for the creation and management of documents like marriage licenses, birth certificates, death records and more, APEX allows counties to offer a robust amount of services online for their constituents. Allowing the public to spend less time trying to get to the courthouse and working with the county office on their preferred terms.

All this innovation means nothing compared to our ultimate focus on providing valuable long–term partnerships with each and every one of our county partners. We are thankful for each and every customer we have and the number one priority for every Stakeholder at our company is ensuring each individual partner's expectations are exceeded regularly. That is how we've been successful since 1854 and will continue to be for another couple centuries.